OHHH, you’ll never miss it!

The H. E. double toothpicks, I won’t!!! There is nothing worse to me than when I am recreating a recipe for a client with a special dietary need and I find a like or similar recipe to what I’m needing and they use the old adage “this recipe is so good, you’ll never miss the ….”! You fill in the blank, YES! Yes, I will miss the ….

Today I was going through Keto Chicken Cordon Bleu recipes. Each of them went through the steps, but omitted the delightfully crunchy bread coating you get on a delicious Cordon Bleu. Texture, texture, texture. That is one of the best parts of eating, well, other than taste, of course!

I took some guidance from each of the recipes I found, but I also put the “crunch” back in. Hot and spicy chicharrons (crispy pork rinds) to the rescue! CRUSH THEM! Crunch them into a powder. They make THE best bread coating replacement. You do not have to use the hot and spicy, but they sure add flavor.

Here’s a photo of the coated, pre-baked, chicken breast roll. Visit The French Whisk Facebook page to see the entire process of the recipe. It turned out pretty darn amazing if I do say so myself. And, I didn’t miss a thing!

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