EAT with us!

EAT is a private pop-up, secret supper club thrown by The French Whisk (Tiffani Williams) and her team… friends and family who love local, seasonal, delicious food, adult beverages, entertainment, and fun.

You’ll be seated around our chef’s-like-table in the midst of a beautiful table-scape. Our seats are filled by a random lottery draw with guests that have a love for all food local, fresh, and delicious. If you are going to dine out, why not EAT with us?

At EAT you’ll enjoy a multi-course meal with wine, beer, and or spirit pairings, prepared with this season’s most ripe and ready produce and fruit, over the course of an entire evening. Our menus are created with an entertaining theme in mind.  Our wines, beers, and spirits are carefully selected and will pair deliciously with each course. Wines from local Estates will be featured each dinner. EAT is a pre-planned, set menu, event. It is for the adventurous palate (but not too extreme). Due to the nature of our meal, picky eaters or those with food allergies, this experience may not be for everyone.

To experience and enjoy an EAT event, simply ask to be put on our email lottery list. Ten days in advance of each dinner, an email invitation will go out. The email will include the creative theme for the dinner, a suggested donation to help cover the cost of ingredients, and the time we EAT. The lottery draw will take place 7 days prior to EATing. We will notify you only if your name is drawn in the lottery.  Please be courteous and respectful of our precious resources, farm fresh produce and fruit, with a minimum of a 48-hour cancellation notice if you cannot attend.  Cancellation seats are released first-come-first-served on The French Whisk Facebook page.

Being a pop-up, secret, supper club, we are not a restaurant and we do not have set charges. At the conclusion of the meal you are invited to make your suggested donation to cover the cost of your meal and celebrate your servers and entertainers for the evening. Our suggested donation will normally be kept around $100 per person and will always include a welcome drink and amuse-bouche, a multi-course meal, and delicious wine, beer, and/or spirit pairings. Gratuities are welcomed and appreciated by the hard working and dedicated staff of servers and entertainers. Feel free to contribute any amount you feel is appropriate.  If you are a well-dined guest, we hope you will find your evening meets and exceeds any of those experiences that you’ve ever had.

EAT is an evening long celebration of all things delicious.  Diners 21 and over are welcome to be on our lottery draw list and attend a dinner. Your experience will be a lively, vibrant dinner party, not a stuffy restaurant meal.  You may get gussied up or attend in casual attire. Be as unique as you are and the experience we provide.

EAT’s location is a secret! We will notify you 24 hours prior to dinner of the location. We STRONGLY suggest you arrive by a taxi or UBER so that you may fully enjoy your evening and the following morning!

To be on our super-secret lottery draw list for our next dinner, email or text:

(530) 329-8694

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