Brick and Mortar

It was a long time coming, but here we are, our own storefront. We opened last week and we are steadily gaining our footing. One of our first customers that came in wanted to chat about catering and all that we do at our little bakeshop, eatery, and catering company. He said he was trying to figure out what exactly we were trying to do here. I said that I was trying to figure out the same thing. He also said he loved our Sliders and Potato Salad that he had for lunch but that our Jalapeno Corn Salad tasted like sh*t! I laughed, of course. I told him I had three grown sons. Two of them love it, one thinks it tastes like sh*t, too! He thinks corn should be hot and not cold in a salad. That’s why we have choices. 🙂

As we go along, I’ll be just as excited as everyone else to find out what we are trying to do here. Until then, we’ll just continue to bake and cook to the best of our abilities in order to tantalize a few taste buds. If you ever travel our way, stop in. We’d love to serve you.

French Whisk, 1974 Acacia Ave., Sutter, CA, (530) 329-8694

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