Today marks ONE MONTH of our opening. TIME FLIES! I have so much to be thankful for. The community support for what we are doing has been astounding!

With a basic structure of a farm to table menu, and the vast bounty of our local crops, we’ve been able to cook and bake up some tasty treats to tantalize the taste-buds of our visitors. Our menu changes darn near daily as our local growers drop in to share their freshest fruits and vegetables with us. I think for most, that is the hardest part to get used to. People like consistency. That is understandable. What I hope our guests find is that they can count on our consistency to provide the freshest food as possible and that it is always delicious no matter what the dish is.

With any new business, its nerve-wrecking and gut-wrenching to put something out there that you love or think is of value without knowing how it is going to be received, especially when it isn’t what others might do or expect. I knew from the start that what I wanted to create might be a different idea, slightly confusing, and more expensive than what had previously been in our location. I was praying that my little community and beyond would enjoy the change and be open to the new concept. So far, so good!

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